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April 1, 2022:









July, 4, 2021:

Music in the Air outdoor concert series serenades audiences across Edmonton and Alberta | CTV News


May 10, 2021:

The Alberta Symphony Orchestra Society (ASO) is thrilled to present Music in the Air, with Cara Lianne McLeod, Soprano, and Emilio De Mercato, Pianist, presenting no fewer than 50 Outdoor Recitals in informal settings to the people of Edmonton and Alberta during the fleeting outdoor season of Alberta. 

Cara and Emilio created this event to bring hope and comfort to audiences wherever possible by sharing their music throughout the summer. The program will include classical voice and piano repertoire, crossover and pop music, and occasionally feature guest artists (when and if allowed). Their music will be in the air as they will be traveling and performing outdoors, aiming for warm sunny days. Audience members will be asked to make a suggested donation of $25 (and will receive a charitable receipt), but the ASO is committed to offering these performances to everyone, particularly including marginalized people in our communities, whether they are able to give a donation or not. ASO also hopes to increase awareness throughout the province about the organization and upcoming initiatives. 

These 30-35 minute recitals, held at noon hour, happy hour, the sunset hour, and impromptu-style concerts taking place at other times, will be held in all manners of venues including backyards, parking lots, parks, squares, courtyards, cul-de-sacs, patios and other outdoor spaces where distancing is possible, including outdoor spaces at workplaces. Cara & Emilio will be personally booking many of the venues, and the public can also “order” a performance, indicating a date, time and location. A special “pick-your-program” option will be offered as well.

Concerts can be requested by emailing, or sending a DM to the Facebook page of Music in the Air.

**The exact start date of these shows is dependent on AHS restrictions for outdoor performances being lifted. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the ASO to be placed on a waiting list and pre-book one of the 50 shows available. 

Visit for full details, event times and dates.
More information about Cara Lianne McLeod:
More information about Emilio De Mercato and the Alberta Symphony Orchestra Society: 


March 30, 2021:

The ASO is pleased to partner with Vincerò World Singing Competition, Napoli, Italy.

On March 11, 2021 ASO Music Director, Emilio De Mercato, was formally commissioned to be official collaborator of the Competition for the semifinal stage that will be held in Edmonton, Canada, on June 15, 2021 at one of ASO’s rehearsal venues. Maestro De Mercato will also be a member of the selection committee that will evaluate the candidates at the Edmonton semifinal. More information at Home – VINCERÒ WORLD SINGING COMPETITION (

The ASO joins Opera Houses and music institutions around the world for the semifinal stage of Vincerò World Singing Competition: Date e Città – VINCERÒ WORLD SINGING COMPETITION (