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Candidacies are welcome to the position of Vice Chair of the Alberta Symphony Orchestra Society.

Deadline for submissions: until fulfilled.

Please visit the following History page to learn about the ASO and what has been accomplished by the Society, founded by Music Director Emilio De Mercato, in six short years since 2015:



The position of Vice Chair of the ASO Society is on a volunteer basis. Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

-min.1 probationary year commitment
-share and support the mandate and objectives of the ASO
-attend monthly Board meetings, in person or online as needed
-participate at ASO events, speak on behalf of and be a voice of the Society
-work closely with the Chair, on his behalf as/if needed, and with the Board
-help with tasks to be executed, responsibly and on schedule
-contribute with fundraising strategies and be proactive in procuring funding (e.g. sponsors search and grant applications)
-availability to communicate with members of the Board by phone, Email, text, WhatsApp, or other ways, as needed and effectively


-time availability
-strong passion for arts and music, classical music in particular
-music knowledge and expertise preferred
-experience in at least one of the following sectors (preferably in the music industry): management, executive, organization, administration, finance
-experience in the charitable/non-profit sector and as a member of other Boards of Directors (this is an asset)
-possess communication and public relations skills
-possess social media and digital knowledge


-contribute to the success of the ASO
-support the goals and artistic vision of the ASO
-effectiveness and teamwork
-to be collaborative, respectful, and have an ethical approach


Please submit your letter of interest, together with a resume and two reference names complete with contacts, via Email to:

Alberta Symphony Orchestra Society – Board of Directors

Selected applicants will be invited for a Zoom interview.

Thank you,