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June 10, 2021: We have just been informed by the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald that we are not allowed to perform on Sunday, June 13, pursuant to AHS restrictions being still in place for restaurants regarding live performances. This is disappointing, of course, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Our performance at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date, as soon as restrictions will allow. In the meantime, we have also written to AHS to confirm the restrictions so that we are keeping people safe and following the guidelines. Thank you for understanding. We look forward to connecting with you very soon again, with positive news.

Ode to ASO


The Alberta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is a professional symphony orchestra and the first touring orchestra in Alberta and Canada.

Many towns and cities don’t have the opportunity or access to see live symphonic concerts and classical music performances. One of ASO’s main goals is to increase public awareness to the classical music culture by bringing the beauty of classical music to them.

VISION: Advance public appreciation of the arts by providing high-quality public performances of orchestral music throughout the Province of Alberta, nationally and internationally.

The Alberta Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to integrate classical music into the lives of youth. We want to engage and connect with youth and new generations to spread the beauty and importance of the classical music culture.

Emilio De Mercato, Music Director